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Image result for 5 star gif
1.Ice: £130.13
2.Ubik: £110.47
3.Steve: £82.70
4.HenYas: £82.17
5.Sam: £75.77
(£1 ew)

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Rossendale Punters Club Ratings

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1 Rossendale Punters Club Ratings on Mon Feb 12, 2018 5:41 pm

Rossendale punters club

Part of the Furniture
Part of the Furniture
[ltr]7.40 Wolverhampton[/ltr]
[ltr]horse rated ai[/ltr]
[ltr]See Vermont 119 3 e/w saver key horse [/ltr]
[ltr]Mysterius Glance 25 2[/ltr]
[ltr]De Vages kid 54 2[/ltr]
[ltr]Roy`s legacy 161 4 win saver key horse [/ltr]
[ltr]Popsilca 115 2[/ltr]
[ltr]Your Gifted 140 2 key horse [/ltr]
[ltr]Sir harry Collins 46 4[/ltr]
[ltr]Storm Lightening 78 1[/ltr]
[ltr]Go Charlie 73 0[/ltr]
[ltr]Give us a belle 90 2[/ltr]
[ltr]Top Horses in the race Roy`s legacy 161 4 AI, your gifted 140 , See vermont 119 AI 3 key horse e/w[/ltr]
[ltr]Horse form AI Roy`s legacy 9, Popsilca 6 your gifted 6 [/ltr]
[ltr]Trainer Form AI R Bastiman 8, T Carroll 5 [/ltr]
[ltr]Jockey Form AI R De Silva 6 [/ltr]
[ltr]Class form AI Roy`s legacy,4 Go Charlie 4 See vermont 3 [/ltr]

2 Re: Rossendale Punters Club Ratings on Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:05 am

Rossendale punters club

Part of the Furniture
Part of the Furniture
[ltr]4.00 Southwell[/ltr]
[ltr]horse rated ai[/ltr]
[ltr]Mister Music 149 7[/ltr]
[ltr]Aquerooo 60 1[/ltr]
[ltr]Sooqaan 120 4 key horse[/ltr]
[ltr]angel Palanas 172 4[/ltr]
[ltr]Treaty of Rome 109 5 key horse[/ltr]
[ltr]Queens Royale 196 6[/ltr]
[ltr]Alpha tauri 96 2[/ltr]
[ltr]Zoravan 91 5[/ltr]
[ltr]Kommander Kirkup 135 4 key horse[/ltr]
[ltr]Monks Stand 109 4[/ltr]
[ltr]best tamayauz 139 3[/ltr]
[ltr]Powerfull Society 10 7[/ltr]
[ltr]Form Ai Horses Queens Royale 12, Angel Palanas 7,mister music 6 ,[/ltr]
[ltr]form Trainer AI D Shaw Treaty of rome 7 , Dshaw Sooqaan 5[/ltr]
[ltr]Jockey form AI A beech mister music 7,R winston 6, R Harris 6[/ltr]
[ltr]Class AI Mister music 7 ,monks stand 6 kommander Kirkup5 [/ltr]
[ltr]Race AI Mister Music 25, Angel Palanas 23 Queens Royale 24 .[/ltr]
[ltr]Angel Palanas looks a good winner on form good ratings[/ltr]
[ltr]E/w Mister Music good rating and AI[/ltr]
[ltr]Queens Royale e/w good rating and AI [/ltr]
[ltr]Best Tamayauz e/w saver bet good rating [/ltr]
[ltr]Nice winner last night [/ltr]


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