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No Smoke and Mirrors Hhh15
No Smoke and Mirrors 04111

1 Ubik: +£263.39
2 Kelly: +£242.03
3 Sean: +£200.30
4 Steve: +£198.04
5 CJA: +£141.40
(£1 ew)
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No Smoke and Mirrors

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1No Smoke and Mirrors Empty No Smoke and Mirrors on Mon Apr 15, 2019 6:28 pm


No Smoke and Mirrors Ko14

Postdata does all the leg work this tells you loads, good place to go 

No Smoke and Mirrors Ko15
Top speed all broken down for everyone if you scroll mouse over numbers it will tell you when recorded said speed over going distance and course 

No Smoke and Mirrors Ko16

Order is the same 

your friend is also Signposts (show you at 7pm) 
Timeform is a bonus (see Ubik) he knows more about the timeform than me but that does have some good FREE tools to use 

people will try telling you do it this way do it that way but trust me learn the basics and you will end up finding your own way of reading form

Me and Luana best example here she works weights i work speed

I do not know how she works weights and picks winners i have tried, she will say same about speed figures she finds that hard. 

Find what you good at and stick to it do not bet straight away Ghost write it out forget the money until you learn the trade, you would not rush and buy stock if you not tested the goods.

2No Smoke and Mirrors Empty Re: No Smoke and Mirrors on Mon Apr 15, 2019 11:10 pm


Red Diamond
Red Diamond
If its any help, last year I particularly found form, and form over going and distance worked really well for me
So I would first sort the horses by price, cos i wasnt really interested in anything less than say 10-1
then I would look at the recent race records of each one, noting anything that had finished in the top 3 within the last 3 months in particular or even longer sometimes.
If the race i was looking at was say...3 miles and the going was good, I would then look and see if the horse's top 3 record included the same. If it was at the same course, so much the better.

You never forget your first 100-1 winner and mine was Samuel Jackson back in dec 2017
If you look at the link below, you will see it won a 3m race, and came 2nd by a neck a couple of months later, all over the same distance. But every race is a gamble and I gambled that the softer ground and the fact it hadnt raced for over 300 days wouldnt affect it too much.

another good factor was it was quite down in weight

Its carried on winning as well, including last time out over 3m plus on good/soft and IMPORTANT NOTE, back at the SAME course it won originally at 100-1


hope that helps, its just one individual method, its not very scientific, but it has worked well for me in the past, as Sam says there are many methods, and its just finding one for you that works, but Sam and Sean always used to bang on about form and form over going distance and course (known as CourseDistance)

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