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1- Ubik: £209.17
2- Sam: £104.57
3- Ice: £97.34
4- HenYas: £70.57
5- Steve: £70.20
(£1 ew)

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Beer Money

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1 Beer Money on Sat Apr 28, 2018 1:58 am


This part iz my own personal stuf i wud sit n bet on nufin to do wit ze S.A.S part zo up 2 u if follow or not, i cant go out at nitez at ze moment zo savin load of cash from drinkin out zo why not jus spend it doing little betz, got me finking today wen i saw a few horses win that i was sat thinkin i wud of done that BUT NOT at set stakes would of risked it then i thut hang on why not just crack on a cheeky nicker or two instead on the ones i like that way if lose i dunt really mind yet if win can build up a nice pot to go get pished up on wen i can get out  

horses i like but not worth bangin set stakes on so quid EW via Singles doubles or w.e i type it being 

No write up in this section cuz i not suggestin u do them as such jus basically sayin this is what i aving a cheeky bet on ones i suggest will always remain in the S.A.S section which will remain my main focus 

Cheapest day i eva done but yet got lot more betz goin savvy tha init

Nicker E/W Lucky 15 

14:05 - Haydock - Calder Prince 13/2
14:45 - Leicester - Donjuan Triumphant 13/2
15:45 - Haydock - Admiral Spice 11/2
17:25 - Wolverhampton - Juan Horsepower 13/2

Couple of Nicker Win only double 

15:55 - Ripon - Pipers Note 5/1
16:00 - Ripon - Noble Gift 4/1

E/W Singles 

15:10 - Punchestown - Westerner Point 20/1
15:30 - Ripon - Mirsaale 16/1
15:50 - Punchestown - Let's Dance 20/1
16:15 - Haydock - Mythical Madness 16/1
17:35 - Punchestown - Minella Beau 33/1
20:15 - Doncaster - Danehill Desert 14/1

Mugs Gamble

14:20 - Ripon - Boots and Spurs 33/1 
14:25 - Sandown - O O Seven 16/1
17:15 - Sandown Psychedelic Rock 20/1

Note of the day for this section

18:40 - Punchestown - Aussie Valentine - this iz ze perfect one to write up on for this section a horse i 100% wud not trust puttin set stakes on yet wud no doubt go n win init n i be sat thinkin y not jus of done it shud win it veh veh easy shud but meeh nicker EW i wont mind if fails but shud get ze job done 8/1 EW

15:35 - Sandown - Caroles Destrier 20/1
18:30 - Wolverhampton - Perceived 7/1
19:45 - Doncaster - Toy Theatre 8/1 (i remem T'n'A biggin this up on ea lost on them an stickz in me head)

I did not find nothin tha waz worth a set stake bet personaly i am happy to stick wit wa sam did for that plus ze tracker horses zo crack on av bit of fun 2moz i say cuz like Sam also said looks a day for some decent place money if u can find it 

Tipster Of The Year 2017 SeanRobertz

2 Re: Beer Money on Sun Apr 29, 2018 12:36 pm


Will edit above in a moment it be in new section in lounge titled how much beer money did i save this month....yup i got bored lool 



Lucky 15 E/W

13:00 - A Quiet Man 10/1
14:50 - Kitesurf 6/1
15:30 - Air Pilot 20/1
16:50 - Trip To Rhodos 12/1 

Happy to stick to our main betz today but did find one that we never did that mite be worth a punt 


15:15 - Wetherby - Mr Wagyu 10/1 
15:50 - Wetherby - Sincerely Resdev 9/1
16:25 - Wetherby - Shouranour 16/1

No nicker of the day treble 2day i wont to try making all three above 7's at least n i really do not think enuf stand out bove them odds for me to av a crack at it only a nicker EW but i am bit of a scrooge wen comes 2 spendin my money zo not goin waste tha 2 quid wen not feelin much

Tipster Of The Year 2017 SeanRobertz

3 Re: Beer Money on Sun Apr 29, 2018 12:58 pm


You should of held off for few minutes just logged on to place the bets gone to 12/1 now on Wagyu i always prefer a horse that drifts out, how many times have you seen a horse go down in odds and you think to yourself got this then does not win, yet majority of drifting horses over night seem to win what that shows me is the majority of punters are actually getting the betting wrong OR the bookies are trying to make sure the punter does not gamble on certain horses so play mind games by drifting out the good ones and making us think the ones falling in odds are being bet on might be wrong but i have noticed the pattern over the last few months

4 Re: Beer Money on Sat May 05, 2018 3:28 pm


Notice Red White and Blue savvy init , not putting loads on these not big on ze form of American horses but read bitz and pieces online and around for these horses so thought give it a crack cuz love a gamble 

Churchill Downs 

18:13 - Ivy Bell 6/1

18:55 - On Leave 8/1
19:45 - Limousine Liberal 6/1

21:28 - Mississippi 10/1
22:25 - Kurilov 7/1

Kentucky - Good Magic 10/1 - Hofburg 20/1

Tipster Of The Year 2017 SeanRobertz

5 Re: Beer Money on Sat May 05, 2018 8:02 pm


Part of the Furniture
Part of the Furniture
Thank you Sean i too myself used smaller stakes and like said on facebook not really into them myself so was nice to see balance go up due to this thank you good luck with last two

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