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1 Ubik: +£293.47
2 Steve: +£207.14
3 Sean: +£174.50
4 Kelly: +£164.02
5 Luana: +£108.30

(£1 ew)

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1 tHE CROSS SECTION on Sat Oct 14, 2017 8:46 pm


Part of the Furniture
Part of the Furniture
I will be doing this why Sarah is busy at the moment so make sure you read it you tarts

War Games Update

What a classic battle of the females so far with Luana showing i was right to gamble on her so far she is dominating that leader board, she is also dominating the King and Queen game she is the one to be watching out for you tarts if you want a safe bet she is the girl to be betting on in this challenge the legacy of Bill Price the 9 week duel champion it looks like he has passed on his knowledge to his daughter because she is taking the forum by storm she pulled off a 81/1 double and countless of other bets if you want to be following a hot tipster follow her at the moment she is pretty easy on the eye also, but wont say that much on that topic out of respect for her dad Bill. 

King and Queen

Had a slight update to that and i think was the best move to make everyone gets stuck into the Friday fiver challenge and i think it will really motivate people to put the best two tips first, i know that i have been looking what i put at the top first the new leader board is open for all to see on this and it does show some very interesting statistics.

Everyone starts with £300(points) yet when you add it all together and minus the lost points it shows some good profit £718.80  which is shouting out follow everyones first two tips and you will end up dining out on a slap up dinner this weekend.

Fiver Challenge

Controversy again hit the field this week we all thought the devil himself won it only to find out was beaten a neck by Nick who done well remember on the friday fiver challenge the 1/4 rule might just help you win that challenge so keep a eye on what your bookie is offering on the odds and places because you might win that game in the future.

I have still yet to win that game got the speech ready, Desmond got to feel sorry for that tart two weeks gave some good tips but not good enough to win a new member to the site along with Luana to watch out for.

Tracker horses 

They have done alright i guess this month not perfect but done just enough to hold own for now and might be worth keeping on side for everyone because this season they have returned more money than they have lost.


We got a bunch of tarts joining together old followers of the SAS and they started off really well with a good treble can not remember the pay out but it was a good one and with the force of Luana behind them i would say will be hot to follow in the coming weeks 

Daily Ratings

Give that a break each weekend i do but will carry on trying to win with that i just need to brush up on my knowledge and keep picking the wrong ones going over a bad spell at the moment

Hope you read it all you tarts i will be putting little things into these writes and testing people randomly to see if they are reading my paper

2 Re: tHE CROSS SECTION on Sun Oct 15, 2017 3:09 am


lmao so many jokes we all been coming out with tonight because of this title Paul and this paragraph on your write up 

"i just need to brush up on my knowledge and keep picking the wrong ones"

  you are funny and look forward to reading more from you on this bit 

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