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S.A.S » Jockey+Trainers » Forgotten Sires to watch

Forgotten Sires to watch

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1 Forgotten Sires to watch on Tue Sep 12, 2017 2:00 am


Part of the Furniture
Part of the Furniture
Forgotten Sires

5.45 Newcastle Angie B 20/1, 

i am going to follow this one and put it on the tracker because i want to see how this does over next few starts, was the name that stood out so just went looking into this horse and i think could be a nice horse to follow over the next couple of months, was 3rd at Redcar on last start which was a step in the right direction Silverlight beat this by 2L at Thirsk and this came back and beat Silverlight by over a length turning the form around, they have stepped this back up to 7f now and putting her on the AW. 

Her sire is Acclamation who is the sire of horses like Marsha, Hitchens and Dark Angel, 20 Group winners 26 Listed winners Acclamation as sired out of 98, few other horses from this progeny you might of saw on here mainly Marsh and The Wagon Wheel who is of great interest.

So far his progeny holds 22 wins from 1st August 2017 
Expert Eye, Victory Angel, Scorching Heat, Move over x2, Red Dragon, Al Ozzdi, Bumptious, Stake Acclaim, Accession, Elizabeth Bennet, Midnightly, Croquembouch,  Marsha, Johnny Barnes, Enjazaat, Highland Acclaim, Favourite Royal, Malcolm the Plug, Raselasad, Mutatif and Edge

93 Winners from his Progeny since start of the year, on the All weather Progeny is 32% win 180/554 and on the flat it is 451/765 (last number runs first being wins) so the flat horses do so well 59% win rate earning nearly 14 million pounds and the 2 year olds to come out of this sire is 40% win rate 253/633 with a good place strike rate totaling over 5 million pounds, then  7f -9f shows a good 33% strike rate.

The entries are the following

2.40 Enjoy Life
3.15 Malcolm the Pug
4.25 Qeyaadah 
5.45 Angie B

1.15 Emperor Victory - Le Panache
2.35 Acclamatio
3.35 Gtainne's Dream
3.50 Haraz
8.45 Red Dragon

1.20 Kasbah
1.40 Holiday Girl
1.50 Elizabeth Bennet
2.00 Favourite Royal - Outer Space - Bumptious 
2.05 Rocklamation
2.15 Monkey Magic
2.40 Best Not Argue - Grainne's Dream
3.10 Croquembouche
3.35 Warton - Adulate
4.45 Malcolm the Pub

1.30 Distant Applause
1.50 Drumfad Bay
2.00 Midnightly  - Madon Castle
3.45 Bumptious
3.55 Highland Acclaim
4.35 Victory Angel
5.00 Royal Liberty 

2 Re: Forgotten Sires to watch on Tue Sep 12, 2017 9:06 pm


Part of the Furniture
Part of the Furniture
@Bill.Price wrote:
Forgotten Sires

2.40 Enjoy Life NR
3.15 Malcolm the Pug 7TH OUT 8
4.25 Qeyaadah 3RD OUT 6
5.45 Angie B 8TH OUT 11

1.15 Emperor Victory - Le Panache HK RACES
2.35 Acclamatio 4/1
3.35 Gtainne's Dream NR
3.50 Haraz 8/1
8.45 Red Dragon 20/1

That did not start off great did it, but wont give up just yet on this still early days

3 Re: Forgotten Sires to watch on Wed Sep 13, 2017 12:16 am


Will add my bitz to thiz for ya in nex couple days bill bit tired atm but will defo come back at thiz part wit ya

 Tipster Of The Year 2017 SeanRobertz

4 Re: Forgotten Sires to watch on Wed Sep 13, 2017 8:41 am


Stick with this Bill specially on the flat Turf that is very good statistics i will also be adding my own ideas on this part, i do not do lot of gambling only started doing it daily when noticed Sam and Sean's work.

I do like to write up on subjects relating to racing and ideas systems and so forth, so will be contributing that way, when i do have a bet of my own which is rare i do post up but not often i manage to find anything worth going in for, yet stuff like above i like the aspect of gambling on them type of statistics.

I became more of a follower because i enjoy the gamble when logic behind the gamble which is showing above with your write up, yet when you can not create your own logic of a race or a reason to gamble i choose not to do it.

Basically i will be following the above horses win or lose the logic is here.

5 Re: Forgotten Sires to watch on Fri Sep 15, 2017 1:00 am


Part of the Furniture
Part of the Furniture
This did not go that well did it, will keep it going for a week and see what happens could just be a bad couple of days.

I seen Sam say about she found it interesting, i was like that at first thinking was a boring way of reading into horses then someone mentioned it and made me look into it and find so much information and can spend hours trying figure out what is right what is wrong it is like a personal challenge you set yourself.

I like thinking i cracked it like i did with this Sire, at the moment not going great but the feeling you get when you think you found something clever win/lose can not be beaten for me. If this does fail which is looking set to i will just move onto looking into the next one or maybe finding out which Jockey does the best on turf with the sires 2yo horses so far come to a small conclusion.

2yo + Turf + 6f-7f + ???(jockey yet to find) + ??? (Trainer yet to find)

That is the formula for this, well so far it is maybe someone else will find a different formula going forward.

Next write up i will hopefully have a full formula worked out with Jockey and Trainer then we will test to see if that is correct.

6 Re: Forgotten Sires to watch on Mon Sep 18, 2017 12:00 am


Part of the Furniture
Part of the Furniture
Since last update this sire had 


14 September - 17 September 

1 winner 

3/1 Acclaim Class 1 Oisin Murphy 7f Good to Soft

5 places

Deviate 10/3 Class 5 Hector Crouch 5f Good to Soft
Oh this is us 2/1 Class 3 Martin Lane 7f Good to Soft
Merdon Castle 16/1 Class 5 Saleem Golam 5f Good
Bumptious 3/1 class 4 Silvestre De Sousa 7f Good 
Holiday Girl class 5 Tom Queally 7f Soft 

FLAT + TURF + 5-6F + GD-FIRM + J + T = Solution 

Jim Crowley - 4 
Silvester De Sousa - 3
Murphy - 2

Class 1 

1 win out of 2

Class 2 


Class 3

1 place out of 1 run

Class 4

1 place out of 5

Class 5

3 Places out of 4

Class 6 

0 out of 1 

Will all make sense over the weeks

7 Re: Forgotten Sires to watch on Mon Sep 18, 2017 8:23 pm

Mike "Acesandeights"

You sat in the Science lab Bill, i will be getting myself back into doing the races again at the moment i have remained a follower but feel like going back into the game again now so am going start doing it over the next couple of days. Wish me the best.

8 Re: Forgotten Sires to watch on Tue Sep 19, 2017 12:37 am


About time you come back Mike, problem is with lot of good tipsters on here some feel not needed around that much and get lazy in putting in a effort knowing others will do it but that is not true i like reading everything and missed your little write ups and stories so hurry up and get back into doing it and you Bill stop messing around with this keep this bit a hobby and start writing out your stuff again ok

9 Re: Forgotten Sires to watch on Thu Sep 21, 2017 9:09 pm


VIP Plus
VIP Plus
I offer up equiano, ive had some good results following this, indeed today I had a 50-1 placer in Frankster

look at the results stats, very very good i think and overall 

best of them is the tin man and goes 21st oct at 6-1

future races

10 Re: Forgotten Sires to watch on Sat Sep 23, 2017 1:57 am


Part of the Furniture
Part of the Furniture
Thank you Ubik i will look into that and Mike hope you do manage to stick around hope all is well with you and yes i will do Kelly that is why i am keeping this just for late at night keeping it a small hobby i just like reading into horses and one day we might find a formula to the future of this horse then when we rich you be thanking me for this hobby lol 

Since last update 

269532372044165 (one 2nd here was only 4 horse race which is why only 4 places)

17th - 22ND

15 Runners out 

1 Winner

Tabarrak 7/1 Class 1  Crowley 7f Good (helped me win today)

4 Places

Edge 4/1 class 6 Shoemark 1m 2 Good
Tadaany 11/2 class 5 Elliott 7f Soft
Taghee 20/1 Class 4 Monaghan 7f Soft
Palmer 7/1 class 5  Lee 5f Soft

Crowley - 5 

Flat + TURF + 5-7F + GD-FIRM + CLASS 1 + CROWLEY = ??

Class 1 

2 Win out of 3

Class 2 

0 out of 1

Class 3 

1 place out of 

Class 4

2 Places out of 8

Class 5

5 places out of 10 (50%)

Class 6 

1 place out of 6

11 Re: Forgotten Sires to watch on Wed Oct 25, 2017 1:04 pm


Part of the Furniture
Part of the Furniture
These Sires have been forgotten    hope your keeping well Bill i did go to leave you a message on Facebook but can not find you on it anymore

12 Re: Forgotten Sires to watch on Fri Nov 24, 2017 3:36 am


lool first time i seen this comment Paul looooooooooool they proper forgotten now init lool he always goes quiet tho it cuz e sunnin himself on beaches pretendin be on workin trips he always does it he be back round soon enough u get use to his habits after while soon u be wishin he was gone again lool

 Tipster Of The Year 2017 SeanRobertz

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