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This starts Wednesday Hhh15
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1 Ubik: +£263.39
2 Kelly: +£242.03
3 Sean: +£200.30
4 Steve: +£198.04
5 CJA: +£141.40
(£1 ew)
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S.A.S » Ebor Festival 2017 » This starts Wednesday

This starts Wednesday

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1This starts Wednesday Empty This starts Wednesday on Thu Aug 17, 2017 3:51 am


I be pushing this towards the top in next couple of day.

For everyone who finds nothing for the week then pay attention to this bit and add all your advice and information.

I am looking to see a positive thread outcome for this showing good profit will add some little games to each day of the Ebor to motivate people to get involved.


After the bad Goodwood festival i am looking to make up for that with this one, i am out Saturday be hungover Sunday so think Sunday night i move this towards the top over next couple days i be hunting out information on the sites like Racingpost the bits that normally paid for to read and post it all on here for all to be able to read and get ideas lets make this one count 

I will be tipping all over the Ebor week and i know Charlotte Sean Sam Sarah Voodoo and Bill will be this time we all going work together not against each other not in competition but as a unit which should show much better results because we be in group chat on facebook targeting a race each and so on.

Lucky 15 
and we might even try a little Super Heinz  This starts Wednesday 753868892

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