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1 Ubik: +£293.47
2 Steve: +£207.14
3 Sean: +£174.50
4 Kelly: +£164.02
5 Luana: +£108.30

(£1 ew)

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S.A.S » Ebor Festival 2017 » Galway Festival » My barking mad Galway Saturday picks....dare to dream!

My barking mad Galway Saturday picks....dare to dream!

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Red Diamond
Red Diamond
some real left field ones here...but ive found positives in all of them and backed with my own money

first one is 100-1 Ochto Milano new horse, had 2 winners out of the same mare, danny mullins...complete chancer
roskelton 25-1, won first point race
realistically Mountain rock NR 11/4 has a good chance but shoite price

3:05 5 places so many good horses here and been a 50-1 and 20-1 winner down over the years

 walsh/mullins have owned this one over the years and the crafty butcher is 5-1, not not such a sure thing as in recent years i reckon

westland row 20-1...really liking this one, won lto, conistant, form reads 1/2/2/1
mr showtime 17-1 PLACE, terrific form but could struggle in this field 
cap d aubois 15-1 mullins team, probably my pick out of all of them
after rain 9-1...good chance this one

painting pictures 7-1

atlas 9/2...lump on! / fastidious 14-1 /dinky inty 15/2

will possibly add the other races later

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