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1 Ubik: +£293.47
2 Steve: +£207.14
3 Sean: +£174.50
4 Kelly: +£164.02
5 Luana: +£108.30

(£1 ew)

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S.A.S » Ebor Festival 2017 » Glorious Goodwood 2017 » DAY TWO RESULTS


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1 DAY TWO RESULTS on Wed Aug 02, 2017 6:51 pm


DAY 2 
£286 Spent 

Lucky 63 - £6.20
Single - 46
Single - 128
lucky 15 - £6.80
nicker of day - NR £2.00
Lucky 15 Morning Suit is still to run Thursday 
£189.00 Returned
Minus £97
Minus £173.38

Total Loss over 2 days - £270.38

We been hit hard past two days not so badly today we need something special to come up, on the plus side we actually expected to spend lot more than we have due to the fact not doing Super Heinz each day because of one card being full of no form so that is a slight bonus.

We will try get something special over 3 days, do not know how i made the Morning Suit Mistake i bet via racing post and clicked on Jockey booked ride and must of misread the date did think never heard it mentioned being a NR  

2 Re: DAY TWO RESULTS on Wed Aug 02, 2017 7:01 pm


We took a hit today also on ours bit of a challenging week aint it lol at this rate it be who can get the most minus lol

3 Re: DAY TWO RESULTS on Thu Aug 03, 2017 12:47 am


we actually made a mistake with Morning Suit we put it has being a fanning horse into our Lucky 15 but it infact a McDonald horse but no harm done because Donald and Johnson shows impressive strike rate working together so if that wins tomorrow our balance will look better because was 2 NR in that i am interested in both the Fanning horse and Donald horse in that first race both higher odds i going change slightly how we do it tomorrow just waiting on couple more from Sam

Tipster Of The Year 2017 SeanRobertz

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