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1- Ubik: £311.52
2- Sean: £125.26
3- Steve: £121.64
4- Ice: £82.89
5- Nick: £75.75

(£1 ew)

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1 S.A.S POST SECOND EDITION on Tue Aug 01, 2017 2:07 am

Shining Diamond

1st August 2017

So we started the Galway off with a bang, 40-1 winner me and Charlotte was just looking for the place money on that race so was shocked to see it actually win for us. We went from feeling bad because we Napped up Thunder Speed who came 4th in the race and both was messaging each other saying why did we not go for Dinky Inty or Twist of magic who we spotted being interesting due to the trainer and jockey habits which both ended up Winning and coming 2nd in the race, to suddenly getting a message saying OMG DID YOU JUST SEE WHISKY SOUR win half hour later with the added bonus of Lagostovegas placing for us.

No horses we felt really let us down today all ran well, we was pleased that Quizical came second due to use saying about it in the write up we was not so brave to take the bet but hope someone managed to.
The Goodwood team start tomorrow and why we in competition we do not wish anyone to do badly in this game, so wish them all the best tomorrow with all they have picked.

Today marks the day of the crowning of our Queen Samantha Dee winning the King/Queen challenge hoping to see more competitive smart playing come out now we all have something to work towards.

Well done to the Strictly 18 team they got so close to marking a 22/1 winner today with Mutineer only beaten a Nk, a team often overlooked on here only on Saturday managing to pull out a 25/1. Maybe this article can start bring attention to little details like that.

We owe Paul Crossly an apology he got 5th place in the Whisky Sour race and missed out on having himself a couple of good bets having a 33/1 place on Time for Wine today, and congratulations to Lionheart for his winner


Freddy With  A Y 10/1 races tomorrow in the 4.30 Yarmoth race and could finally bad himself a win, but with the Happy Hammer in the race i can not see him getting that much support maybe Carson might have his say with Refuse Colette 14/1 certainly are the top three horses in that race for me 

Huntsmans Close 6/1 could provide someone with some drinking money tomorrow got close last time out and a previous C&D winner seems to be catching lot of attention in the 5.00 Yarmouth race

Astrophysics 9/2 is looking for his deserved win at Beverley in the 3.45 but if First Bombardment 7/1 and Bosham 12/1 have anything to do with it then he be getting place again Windforpower 10/1 is surely to be the markets choice come tomorrow and not completely one to write off if i was to side First Bombardment gets the thumbs up from me

Readers of this enjoy the Hanagan and Fahey combination so much even pet named them Fanagan and they look all set to score with Character Onesie 5/1 in the 4.20 

The less said about Four Wishes 5/1 the better here i think specially for certain readers this being a certain persons tracker horse that they are actually talking about re starting all over not sure will be able to do it here and at the odds not really worth gambling on specially if the Richard Guest trained horse Polar Forest 7/1 gets a say all his wins come over soft ground and does well he was made for a bit of mud gets this girls vote 5.30 Beverley

I'm super too 16/1 let so many people down on his last start are you willing to back him again now at the price could be worth a chance but look out for the tricky King Of The Celts 7/1 but with the ground becoming Heavy i think i will take my chances on I'm Super Too 6.00 Beverley

Each night i ask Ice Queen her nap and here goes  

We all love a bit of Gold specially Gold Chain 8/1 heading for Perth 9.00 won 6 times around here and placed 3 of them wont mind any ground and Emma Sayer has 3 winning runs on this one a big price for that type of form here 

Double of the day - Silvestre De Sousa, could very well hold the cards with Buckland Beau 7/2 Commanche  4/1 (3.25 Yarmouth + 4.00 Yarmouth) both horses are long overdue and with the worlds greatest on board should be back to winning ways maybe give yourselfs a tasty treat and add in Annie Salts 7/2 5.35 go on take a gamble on the treble 

Nicker of the Day 

could very well go to Strike Master 50/1 2.35 Beverley his run over Beverley before and won and also on Heavy going his form over Heavy ground is 3217 would not at all be surprised to see him in the top 3 

Eyecatcher - Cole Harden 5.05 Worcester 

2 S.A.S POST THIRD+ EDITIONS on Wed Aug 02, 2017 12:51 am

Shining Diamond

2nd August 2017

Well what can we say today started off great for us Winner and a place then it just went all downhill for the Galway team, tomorrow was so hard to do you could pretty much rest a case for majority of the fields found that really tough to do.

The Goodwood team did not have such a great day, but looking at the polls it could of turned out much different but thankfuly for me and Charlotte the polls did not tick them boxes right.

Bill Price well he sorted out the biggest bet of the day with a 25/1 winner in Fabricate touch and go and if they did not reverse the places he would of had place so bet he was glad they was on his side today.

We had a few winners in our paper today but nothing that really grabbed the attention we sadly sided with the wrong SDS horses but that is always the way.

What a day Atzeni had four winners 50/1 being one of them and how many of us just wish we sided with the 100/1 winner oh we still dream of hitting millions.

The Queen of the thread was awarded today and she has decided to use her ten pounds to ride out on bets keep a eye on that over the coming days to see how well she does using that stake.

Ice Queen I.Q Nap ended up 3rd in that race but when you see it was 10L after making a mistake on the last jump was not his best of runs out but did leave the market leader Lake Malawai 31L behind who was going off 2/1 so some sort of comfort is to be had in that in a strange way.

Seans tracker horses are not doing so well still having a quick look at them and nothing much to see.

Had a talk with Angi earlier she is feeling bit under the weather so explains why we not been seeing the O.R.S horses out will have see how she is feeling tomorrow then i might have to take on that task also.


Look for Ingleby Mackenzie 11/1 to try secure a second win under De Sousa at Sandown 8.25 but maybe Flight of Fantasy 4/1 might put a sudden stop to that under Crowley

Brave Spartacus 8/1 has been teasing a win of last 322 and with a good jockey and ground could he finally make it inside tune in to Perth at 4.00 to find out 

Stepping on Goodwood toes

Could the Goodwood Team be wise if picked Aurora Gray 12/1 come tomorrow she gets a step up in trip and with De Sousa taking the ride i would be very tempted to side with this one maybe they have not seen the final line up of yet 


Mitchum  8/1 5.30 Redcar

Eyecatcher - Mirsaale 3.25 Perth

Nicker of the Day - Lancaster Bomber 28/1 3.35 Goodwood would not be so fast to discount this one 

3 Re: S.A.S POST THIRD+ EDITIONS on Wed Aug 02, 2017 10:01 pm

Shining Diamond

3rd August 2017


Well what can i say not a great day for Galway again, was nice to see Goodwood team have a winner but so far not been the best of weeks for us. 

Heard Kelly will be joining soon to do her competitions so we can look forward to that.

Was looking around at the tips today and going add winners of the day section here so we can see who is doing well day by day 

Foxy 1 7/1 winner out of 3 selections 
Burningroots 15/2 Winner out of 5 selections
Voodoo well he snuck in the eyecatcher lol but he did have few good placed bets 

Our Stepping on Goodwoods toes nearly hit hard today for us with our Aurora Gray managing to get some place value out of it and the Eyecatcher winning for us really well.
My Thoughts

Drumlang 16/1 could do really well in the the 1.30 at Stratford not seen him for a long time but if returning back to anything like we last seen should win

The Skeltons could be having themselves a good day tomorrow when going to stratford with Workbench 9/1 at 2.35

My Mo 20/1 3.10 Stratford might be able to outrun his price got the best speed with a good inform jockey ticks this girls boxes 

Ingleby Angel 3.55 Nottingham 8/1 we keep waiting for this one time will finally come to this one sooner rather than later 

Spiritual Star 20/1 was 31222 now is coming to 5.50 Epsom is worth takign a chance for the each way had a bleed last time and got pulled up easy to let that pass lets try him for some place money 

Safira Menina 8/1 6.25 Epsom could he finally get a win here many in this race who is in with a chance Becca Campbell and Hepplewhite or will you go for a proven winner Rail Dancer and Milky way me i think it be a battle between Safira and Becca Campbell





Eyecatcher Boy in a Bentley 4.20 Stratford

4 Re: S.A.S POST THIRD+ EDITIONS on Thu Aug 03, 2017 3:18 am


Thanks for this week Sarah and Char, if bored an stuck found a few more horses that you never put in the post these all worth a check out

1.50 - Stratford -  Go On Henry - Could do well here came 3rd over C&D LTO just a nose behind Sage Monkey on that day and now his had his first run back of season looks a big threat trainer won this race back in 2015 with Faustina Pius nice price 10/1 E/W

2.35 - Stratford - Tamarillo Grove - a other who ran well on last start having returned from a break was only beaten a neck by Cillian's Well this is a tougher race but is a previous C&D winner 6 starts 1 win 2 places does hold wins over class 3 so should not be a concern workbench is nervy type of horse when you think the Skelton boys are banging out winners and in top form init 10/1 E/W

3.45 - Stratford - Moorlands Jack - Steps up in trip for this race trainer does well at this meeting and is on form ran well at Newton over 2m5 the rain is concerning so if see it over here tomorrow avoid the bet but meh 7/1 E/W

4.20 - Stratford - Ocean Eleven - might be worth giving him a second chance slipped here lto and why i agree boy in bent will be hard to beat but at the trading price could secure some place money here 12/1 E/W

7.30 - Epsom - Dynamic Girl - wont mind any type of ground the Powells are doing ok again now dropped in the weights got the speed for this not to write off 16/1 E/W

8.00 - Epsom - Mr Tyrrell - placed on last 4 starts jock and trainer in form might grab a cheeky win today if not maybe a decent place money back with few quick chucked in ah 8/1 E/W

Tipster Of The Year 2017 SeanRobertz

5 Re: S.A.S POST THIRD+ EDITIONS on Sat Aug 05, 2017 7:13 pm

Shining Diamond

Glad that week is over you know Sean Sam did pretty well at end i thought i going update the paper once a week now not daily will probably be every Saturday night

6 Re: S.A.S POST THIRD+ EDITIONS on Thu Aug 10, 2017 12:51 pm


lol at Sarah badge the little reporter man lol

7 Re: S.A.S POST THIRD+ EDITIONS on Tue Aug 15, 2017 2:22 am

Shining Diamond

15th August 2017

Issue 4

Sorry i not been around was bit busy did not even manage do Sunday Mass.

Well was looking around and what a week.

First we got new Admin in Kelly who is showing to be a very positive way forward to this site keeping it all up to day and making sure everything is going over nicely. Noticed the New game Gauntlet is here sounds very hard to me to complete a 10 day winning streak it can be done but will be very hard to complete i think.

We have a new Grand Champion in Bill Price doing an amazing £209 for his five pound stake very impressive him and Voodoo seem to be on a little roll of late now with Voodoo seeking to get his crown back he sure is showing he means business storming back this week with 3 nicely priced winners with Bill adding on to make a extra Double today with him.

Ubik is also having a really good couple of days coming back to shine at Goodwood then pulling out a few very good winners today showing that break done him really well.

Scram and Nick are also doing extremely well having had 150/1 place 40/1 place 25/1 place a 3 20/1 winners and that is all since Saturday, make sure you all checking out them pages in the Systems section because if not you really are missing out on some very good information.

Sean worst tipster, think he be first to agree with that he had a couple of placers today but he does need brush up on his work or should i say (stop drinking and betting) lol 

Sam should be back tomorrow or Wednesday so maybe she sort out that little section think personally they always worked best when communicated and having spoken to them i know they have not had much proper time lately but that sort itself out sooner rather than later.


Kelly is doing a lottery on here soon she is just working out the little bits and pieces of it then will update more on this part.

Not really got anything for tomorrow on the races so might end up writing a new article tomorrow night because not doing nothing now for few days so will do a other edition to this hopefully with better cards available.

Chinese Whispers

Key things to look out for this week keep eye on the Over 18 topic i think lot of people are missing out on lot of money without noticing it might be a systems part but it showing some good profits and results.....



8 Re: S.A.S POST THIRD+ EDITIONS on Tue Aug 15, 2017 2:29 am


Sam is already back spoke to her tonight but she went bed early because said was tired so probably be on in morning now and i glad i got mention in paper you should said that you knew i was right all long about being admin lol notice how i changed smileys now going add more and i still going update things i going try design own unique photos to go along the forum but that can wait i did want to get back into tipping up horses, but nothing been available yet and i not want tip for sake of it so just waiting for stuff that i can tip up x

9 Re: S.A.S POST THIRD+ EDITIONS on Tue Aug 15, 2017 2:32 am

Shining Diamond

Same here i going do what Voodoo said wait for drifters tomorrow then see what needs mentioning that have not yet been mentioned does look like a day for the shorts judging on it so far xx

10 Re: S.A.S POST THIRD+ EDITIONS on Tue Aug 29, 2017 4:15 am


i forgot Sarah was away for couple days, so i will update this bit.

I am working this week that is why bit quieter

Key Points
All might of noticed i never did the Tipster of the week badge this week that was because of the Ebor i got mixed up on it all with different tips scattered around but will be updating it this week now makes it easier to follow sometimes it is hard working out different things but not forgot it.

King/Queen will have updated rules start of this month will put them up because people forget or bit confusing so going outline the rules properly.

Fiver of the Day is going well no need change nothing with that.

The Gauntlet is ticking over slowly once someone breaks that or everyone gets bored trying i will do a new game but will let that run for while yet.

Lottery and stuff will come back for the King/Queen game next month.

11 Re: S.A.S POST THIRD+ EDITIONS on Sat Sep 02, 2017 11:20 pm

Shining Diamond

22:56:28 09.02.2017

Issue 5

I am back now took bit of time off not often find myself doing it daily so it was something new but will be making sure i keep up with this part each week.

A complete new makeover for this site and must say it is 100% better than ever, well done Kelly.

Weekly Fiver Champion

We had a new champion crowned this week our very own Kelly she managed to sneak in and steal the badge with a very good lucky 15 and a impressive 50/1 Each way bet, Bill Price still holds the grand title for the 3rd week in a row. Kelly was the first female to win that title beating off the men now they really are ruling the forum which brings me onto the Queen Tipster.

Queen is dethroned 

Sam was dethroned this month having been beaten by Ice Queen only fitting the name is, can see this competition hotting up and judging on past couple of days few more people are getting involved in that and taking it more serious specially now all the women are taking over that slot.


Having read the books they was having a real bad time of things last month, and did not look any brighter start of this month but things seem to be slowly picking up will bring more on that next week.

Scram and Nick

Remember me telling everyone to keep a eye on them two, well it sure would of paid off if you did Scram published his results this week and they are very impressive to say the least still on the ones to watch list.


O.R.S is hitting 100 days of testing now and the original owner retook back over having swapped hands a couple of times it ended up back home, will they do something special to celebrate the 100 days we will have to wait and see, i tried contacting the owner of the system but he was unavailable for comment.

The THIF been revamped now and is currently on its 10th day i will be keeping a eye on that to see how well it goes.

The Slotto 

We will be publishing the results in here every Friday night from now on so make sure you come back to check see if you are a lucky winner.

The Gauntlet 

Is proving tricky to complete, much harder than it first looks will be updating about that minute we find a winner.

Bits and Bobs

Tina returned this week to a bumpy start on her penny club and is on the hunt for Angi who i heard is due back after her short time away from things be interesting in seeing what the T'n'A have to offer now they had an extended break.


We will have a TREBLE come on the forum by end of the month, the last prediction did not come right so we hired a new one this month.

12 Re: S.A.S POST THIRD+ EDITIONS on Sun Sep 03, 2017 1:28 pm


Does not feel like 3 months ago started that system more if you include the days we forgot to do it

Tipster Of The Year 2017 SeanRobertz

13 Re: S.A.S POST THIRD+ EDITIONS on Fri Sep 08, 2017 11:49 pm


23:49:03 09.08.2017

12 - 39 - 20 - 22 - 17

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