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1- Ubik: £311.52
2- Sean: £125.26
3- Steve: £121.64
4- Ice: £82.89
5- Nick: £75.75

(£1 ew)

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S.A.S » Ebor Festival 2017 » Glorious Goodwood 2017 » Day 1 final Copy

Day 1 final Copy

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1 Day 1 final Copy on Tue Aug 01, 2017 12:54 am


Keep eye out for Sam's lucky 15 she be posting up later

1.50 -  Goodwood - Oasis Fantasy - My original pick is no longer in the race, this one stands out having ran here last year in this race was only beaten a nk then and gets better weight this time will not mind if ground goes soft Spencer is keeping the ride and Simcock is doing well with this horse since taking it off Dunlop 12/1 E/W

3.00 - Goodwood - Oh this is Us  see write up on bit by bit lets take the bet again 20/1 E/W

3.35 - Goodwood - Wicklow Brave - he aint a beauty but he do alright here Mullins + Crowley and you got yourselfs a dream team ready to burst Mullins is firing 79% in form horses his never ever used Crowley ever that i can find i do not pay too much attention to that sort of stuff to be honest  Mullins banging on 31% strike rate 8 winners and Crowley is banging out 32% 15 winners it is like a perfect dream team goes back over 2m here last seen beating My Tent or Yours at Punchestown over this distance take my money we took at 20/1 earlier in the week on bit by bit lets take some of the 18/1 E/W

4.45 - Goodwood - Pettochside - Knows this track like the back of his hand often overlooked and again being overlooked here 10 starts at Goodwood 3 wins 6 places last ween up at Ascot other day got beat by the horse i backed Jack Dexter this was 2nd only a L behind it under this jockey who is 3lb claimer Doyle beat the likes of Robot Boy Copper Knight his like a fine wine getting better with age just no stopping him when last seen at Goodwood he was half length behind Zac Brown again only managing 2nd place Seamster was 3L behind that day and his going onto running some good races no matter what happens i know he will give us a proper run for our cash today 16/1 E/W

The fun Group Specials
 (all count to the challenge all set normal stakes your all use to could bring us spare money form of covering)

Jockey Double Special (Dettori)

3.00 - Aclaim 10/1,  3.35 - Big Orange 10/11

Hells Henchmen (Treble)

3.00 - Limato  11/4 
3.35 - Big Orange 10/11
5.15 - Ghadaayer 15/2

Our Wild Horsemen (Lucky 15) 

2.25 - Goodwood - Zaman - when you stuck you turn and point at Appleby and Buick impressed on his first run at 7f and should be keeping up with this run gets the ol blinks bangedo n his head today aidin him even more 11/1

3.00 - Goodwood - Stormy Antarctic - Lets hope bit of luck on our side here with the ground getting soft please rain this will win then always runz his racez well and Spencer always holds places on this one 28/1

3.35 - Sheikzayedroad - See ice queens write up 12/1

4.45 - Goodwood - Confessional - was 6th in this race last year did not get a clear run on the day the year before he was 8th in the race and came 2lbs higher so to get 6th showed improvement, his win at Chester was not stand out but did go to beat a couple of good horses Ashpan Sam and Blithe Spirit Easterby doing well and would liked see Allan bookedi n but Egan is doing fine 16/1

Gadiva of the Day 
1.50 - Goodwood - Baydar - Fits the keey race trends i do not see it but that is why in this section 20/1

Nicker of the Day
3.35 - Desert Skyline - Was only beaten a nose by Grey Britain at Newmarket, then again only 1L behind Raheen house lto steps up in trip and gets the great jockey of Probert booked in will need to improve but if this steals the race i would not be too shocked to be honest is bottom weighted and the youngest in this race along with the Atzeni horse 33/1

Tipster Of The Year 2017 SeanRobertz

2 Re: Day 1 final Copy on Tue Aug 01, 2017 1:08 am

Shining Diamond

Hope do well always good to get the first day out the way aint it was hoping mine would not be a big flop so hoping you two start off having a good day

3 Re: Day 1 final Copy on Tue Aug 01, 2017 3:37 am


Dreaming of Millions.... Looking for the four places in this lucky 15, did not spend that much like we thought today thanks to the Polls only being a lucky bet not a Super Heinz so thought i throw in this special see if we do well on it Lucky 15 EW

1.50 What about Carlo 22/1
2.25 Salab 20/1
3.00 Suedois 33/1
3.35 Qewy 18/1

Hope you also do good Galway but not toooooo good  lol!

4 Re: Day 1 final Copy on Tue Aug 01, 2017 3:43 pm

Shining Diamond

Ouch ouch ouch Goodwood lol

5 Re: Day 1 final Copy on Tue Aug 01, 2017 3:50 pm


lmao bet you laughing aint you Sarah lol we have make up for it tomorrow

6 Re: Day 1 final Copy on Tue Aug 01, 2017 4:00 pm


Suegioo 18/1
First Nation 10/1
Invincible Army 6/1
Lightening Spear 20/1
Pasteral Player

Thinking of making them six our lucky 63 let me know if got any ones you all liking to replace them

7 Re: Day 1 final Copy on Tue Aug 01, 2017 4:24 pm


@Samantha.dee wrote:lmao bet you laughing aint you Sarah lol we have make up for it tomorrow
No we not because we know what you lot are like lol

Bad day but brush off and get back to the drawing board, not going laugh because our side now is due so hope we do better

8 Re: Day 1 final Copy on Tue Aug 01, 2017 4:33 pm


Part of the Furniture
Part of the Furniture
think i only one celebrating and that was out of spot of luck for me lol

9 Re: Day 1 final Copy on Tue Aug 01, 2017 4:53 pm


strange day really not one winner or placer i would of actually picked

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