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1 Ubik: +£293.47
2 Steve: +£207.14
3 Sean: +£174.50
4 Kelly: +£164.02
5 Luana: +£108.30

(£1 ew)

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1 S.A.S FIRST EDITION on Mon Jul 31, 2017 1:22 am

Shining Diamond

Shining Diamond
31st June 2017
The Galway vs Goodwood Challenge starts, on one side you have Me and Ice Queen and on the other side you have Samantha and Sean representing the Goodwood team. Challenge is easy the one to make the most profit at the end of the respected festivals wins. 

I am glad to have the Ice Queen on my side she is a very clever person at the races and often shares lot of good information on here, and she is not that cold like she makes out many times have had a laugh with her.

We have our first I.Q Nap today that goes to Thunder Speed, we hoping for a big result in that race but am worried about Nothing to Lose always seems to be them sort of horses who manage to sneak in the wins.

Make it Hurrah could be a very big priced winner for our challenge game at 25/1 am looking for that price to not last that long come the Evening with the race being at 8.10 i got a feeling the market avoids night races for later in the day meaning the price holds up for now.

Did have a bet on the Ayr cards which feeling positive on myself on all three on them and no doubt the cover will win that race which is nice but i always prefer the first selection to get the win.

Eyecatcher of the day goes to Make it Hurrah 25/1 
Nicker of the day goes to Make it Hurrah 25/1

If i was to suggest a double might side with Thunder Speed and you guessed it Make it Hurrah lol.

First day of Sunday Mass went really well today, am hoping many Sundays will end up just like that.

Start of a new month and looks like we crowned our first Queen of the thread which will be Samantha Dee, she played it silent this month like they are well known for the slow game slowly building her points up and knowing when to stop which aided her into being crowned the first Queen of the thread which seems only fitting really. Next month i will start getting involved in the game now the first month is out the way it feels you got something to work towards dethroning someone is always fun.

Friday Fiver Challenge.

Well the record was broke this week by Voodoo who earned an impressive £45.45 he played it sensible and picked out 3 horses and just went for it and it really paid off. So far the high rollers like the Goliath bets have showed little returns a learning lesson in itself that challenge is.

The Gaunlet 

Well we still waiting to see when that will come into play, a challenge i know a few will like to try completing

2 Re: S.A.S FIRST EDITION on Mon Jul 31, 2017 1:51 am


Hope you do well on the Galway part i will pass on anything that stands out to me on them races i do not do too good on them if honest, and i can tell you liking being the editor of the paper will set you your own little tag line called the S.A.S post Editor lmao

3 Re: S.A.S FIRST EDITION on Mon Jul 31, 2017 2:14 am


Part of the Furniture
Part of the Furniture
Think i might use the S.A.S post to talk about the old horses of the past bring back memories, horses like Black Caviar, Man O'War, Frankel, Ruffian, Kauto Star and so on i often read up on all the very old horses and might interest someone when bored one night i know Mike is a fan of the old horses so will start that next week

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